Hi-C data browser: Hi-C data browser

The Hi-C data browser allows one to upload Hi-C matrices and visualize them!


Lieberman-Aiden, E.*, van Berkum, N.L.*, Williams, L., Imakaev, M., Ragoczy, T., Telling, A., Amit, I., Lajoie, B.R., Sabo, P.J., Dorschner, M.O., Sandstrom, R., Bernstein, B., Bender, M.A., Groudine, M., Gnirke, A., Stamatoyannopoulos, J.A., Mirny, L., Lander, E.S.# and Dekker, J.# (2009)
[* denotes co-first authors, # denotes co-corresponding authors]
Comprehensive mapping of long-range interactions reveals folding principles of the human genome. Science, 326(5950): 289-293.
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My5C: My5C primer design

My5C is a web tool that allows one to design a primer pool for 5C.


Lajoie, B.R., van Berkum, N.L., Sanyal, A. and Dekker, J. (2009) My5C: web tools for chromosome conformation capture studies. Nat. Methods, 6(10): 690-691
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Handbook of Systems Biology

Handbook Systems BiologyEdited by Marian Walhout, Job Dekker and Marc Vidal. (2012)
Top-level scientists from different disciplines contributed 27 chapters on all aspects of systems biology. From defining systems components and their network interactions, to highly quantitative mathematical systems modeling. From yeast to plants and worms, and from cells to organisms to populations.